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How to Clean Drive in Buxton

Case Study

Tile Master Clean Driveway in Buxton

Location: Buxton

Contractor: Tile Master Buxton


Surface Treated:

Exterior Block Paved Driveway

Job History

This Block paved driveway has only ever had the occasional jet wash which the customer said was always a bit messy with having to re-sand between the blocks and decided to search for a better solution that was cleaner. The customer called TileMaster Buxton to take a look During the demo they could instantly see the difference of using TileMaster Algo vs Jet wash.

Client Requirements

The customer required the following from the contractor

1) A clean algae free drive

2) Mess free without having to re-sand

3) Remove Black spots from Blocks



Tile Master Specification

The Driveway did have a lot of algae on but with spraying TileMaster Algo on and using the Deck brush and the Winnex brush we were able to remove all the algae and black spots form the drive. Once the Algo had enough time to work its way into the stone all that was required was a slight rinse off using the hose pipe. The results were instant and long lasting as the Algo stays in the stone to help prevent algae building up as quick.


Before & After Pictures


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