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Guides for how to deal with common tile floor issues, based on the experiences of our trained floor technicians.

How to clean tile grout & shower

How to clean grout in the shower Cleaning grout in tiles in the shower can be a bit more challenging due to the buildup of soap scum, mildew, and hard water stains. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you clean grout effectively: Gather the necessary supplies: You will need a few items to clean the

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Removing grout haze from newly laid porcelain.

Case Study Removing Grout Haze from porcelain tiles How to remove grout haze from newly installed anti-slip textured porcelain with grout and builders residue What is Grout Haze? Grout haze is a thin film of dried grout that can appear on the surface of tiles after grouting has been completed. What causes grout haze? It

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TileMaster Restore porcelain kitchen floor

Case Study Porcelain Tile Kitchen Deep Clean 100+ m2 of newly installed anti-slip textured porcelain with grout haze cleaned within a day The Objectives Help the tiling contractor remove the grout haze from the textured porcelain tiled area. Due to the texture of the anti-slip tile, the contractor was struggling to remove the stubborn grout

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New Care Guide for Your Tiles and Stone

Important Update: New Care Guide for Your Floors We are pleased to share some exciting news with you – a new care guide for your floors. Our team of experts has put together a comprehensive guide to help you keep your floors looking their best for years to come. The guide includes tips on how

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How to remove a build up of Salts and Minerals from Porcelain tiles

Case Study TileMaster Remove Salts and Minerals from Porcelain Tiles Location: Hotel Nottingham Contractor: TileMaster Technical Sales Manager Mark Ruthvern – 0161 444 0377 Surface Treated: Textured porcelain tile in hotel spa changing room Job History This tile had a large build up of minerials, salts, body fats and general dirt that needed to be

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How to remove acid etching from Limestone tiles in Fleetwood

Case Study Tile Master Remove Acid Etching From Limestone Location: Fleetwood Contractor: Tile Master Fleetwood Specification TileMaster Diamond Pads TileMaster 40 Machine TileMaster Colour Enhancing Sealer TileMaster Cleaner Number 2 TileMaster Pad A Surface Treated: Limestone Kitchen Floor Job History We were contacted by a customer in Fleetwood saying that some orange juice had leaked out of

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How to Clean Drive in Buxton

Case Study Tile Master Clean Driveway in Buxton Location: Buxton Contractor: Tile Master Buxton Specification TileMaster Algo TileMaster Deck Brush  Tile Master Conan Rotary Machine Winnex Brush Surface Treated: Exterior Block Paved Driveway Job History This Block paved driveway has only ever had the occasional jet wash which the customer said was always a bit messy with

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How to Clean and Seal Quarry tiles in Wigan

Case Study Tile Master Clean and Seal in Wigan Location: Wigan Contractor: Tile Master Wigan Specification TileMaster Stripper Tile Master Number 2 Tile Master Pad C TileMaster Diamond Pads Tile Master 40 Machine TileMaster Colour Enhancing Sealer Surface Treated: Interior Quarry Tiled floor Kitchen Job History This hallway was laid over 80 years ago but for as long as the

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How to remove Grout Haze in Newcastle

Case Study: Tile Master Ceramic Tiles in Newcastle Location: Newcastle Contractor: Tile Master Newcastle Specification Tile Master Number 4 Tile Master Pad A Tile Master 40 Machine Surface Treated: Interior Bathroom Ceramic Floor Tiles Job History This Bathroom floor was brand new but when the Tiler had finished both Tiler and customer noticed there was a lot of

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How to clean York Stone floors in Wilsmlow

Case Study Tile Master Restore York Stone Flags in Wilmslow Knutsford Location: Wilmslow Stockport, Knutsford Contractor: Tile Master Knutsford Specification Tile Master Number 3 Tile Master Pad A Tile Master Conan Rotary Machine Winnex Brush Tile Master AllinOne Water based sealer Surface Treated: Interior York Stone Kitchen Floor in Knutsford Job History This York Stone kitchen floor was laid and installed over 9

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