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Case Study

Tile Master Ceramic Tiles in Newcastle

Location: Newcastle

Contractor: Tile Master Newcastle


Surface Treated:

Interior Bathroom Ceramic Floor Tiles

Job History

This Bathroom floor was brand new but when the Tiler had finished both Tiler and customer noticed there was a lot of grout haze across the tiles and the tiler was unsure how to remove without scratching or damaging the tiles. They called TileMaster Newcastle to get the perfect answer.

Client Requirements

The customer required the following from the contractor

1) A clean mark free floor

2) Removal of all grout haze

3) Seal the grout from water soaking in and damaging floor.


Tile Master Specification

TileMaster Number 4 is mixed with water at dilution rate of 1:4, it is applied and agitated with the Tile Master 40 Machine with Pad A for 4 – 5 minutes per square meter, ensuring all haze is removed. After this all the solution and grout have is extracted with a wet and dry vacuum.

Floor is then neutralised with cleaner number 1 mixed with water and extracted again.

Once the floor is dry the grout lines are sealed with TileMaster All in One Solvent Based sealer to prevent the water soaking in and damaging the floor.


Before & After Pictures

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