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Case Study

Tile Master Remove Acid Etching From Limestone

Location: Fleetwood

Contractor: Tile Master Fleetwood


Surface Treated:

Limestone Kitchen Floor

Job History

We were contacted by a customer in Fleetwood saying that some orange juice had leaked out of the carton and onto her recently installed Limestone floor which has changed the colour of the stone. We decided to call by and see what the issues were, what had happened it the acid in the orange juice had etched the stone quite badly and taken the natural colour out of the stone.

Client Requirements

The customer required the following from the contractor

1) Remove all acid etching

2) Sealed surface to protect against everyday spillages

3) Maintenance clean to make floor look nice and fresh



Tile Master Specification

Using diamond technology we were able use the TileMaster diamond pads starting at the lowest grit working our way though the grit stages in the affected area until we watched the shine level of the rest of the room. Once that was done we gave the whole floor a thorough clean so that it was ready for the final seal.

Using TileMaster Colour Enhancing Sealer we were able to seal the whole floor protecting against and water and oil spillages in the future, by using this sealer it also helped to make the natural colour of the stone really stand out without seeing any of the etching marks.


Before & After Pictures

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