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Pro’s Tip – Does your brand and company image represent the service that you deliver. In this new age of Facebook, Instagram and social media influencers, image is key.  Dan from Orbital, has hit the nail on the head, with his branding and imaginary. He has started a new division of his company for wood sanding and hard floor and is only using social media as his platform for advertising.  No website, no blogging, no leaflets, no cold calling, no SEO. He is simply focusing his time on producing high-quality images, videos, short and snappy, exciting posts, and utilizing local mums groups and swap forums to spread his message.  With a small budget on very targeted paid advertising, the number of leads and conversions is staggering. His posts have been so successful that it is now been replicated by his competitors, who are trying to keep up with him.

The new age of visual posts, images and videos is only going to grow, and if you are not apart of it you may get left behind by the competition.


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