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Pro’s Tip – The most important part about sealing, is making sure the floor is dry. A simple moisture metre reading can help determine if the floor is ready for sealing. Remember, you can not fill up the pours and capillaries in stone if its already full with bulk water left from the cleaning process. The sealing is the most important part of the job as that is your business card, and when the floor is still looking great months after you have been, you will receive the recommendations you deserve. Rushing the sealing process leaves the floor open to staining, and the floor getting dirty, quicker.

If you are using a solvent sealer like All in One Honed Sealer or All in One Polished Sealer then the reading on the moisture metre needs to be below 5

If you are using a water-based product like All in one Water Based Sealer then the reading needs to be below 15

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