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Pro’s Tip – Winter Is Coming

Why you need to keep your machine warm and in working condition.

Now the colder months are upon us, your machine, products, and capacitors are vulnerable to the low temperatures. Avoid low-temperature storage i.e vans and sheds and allow your products and machines to warm up inside your client’s premises before firing them up.  We recommend that the best practice is to get your machine and products into the house first so they can warm up to room temperature.  Then start masking up and preparing the room, you are going to be working in so, that your machine gets 20 or 30 minutes to climatize and warm up.

The problem many people have is they prepare the room, have a brew and then when they are ready to start cleaning, they grab the machine off the van outside, and start it up when it is still very cold from sitting on the van.  We also recommend that heaters are used overnight in vans to keep the products from freezing or they can be brought inside to keep warm.  Again any of the machines with water tanks or water pipes need to be kept from freezing so they don’t expand and burst.

If you have any questions or queries about your machine, products or sealers this winter, please feel free to call the office on 0161 444 0377.


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