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TileMaster Offer Live on site support to customers

Do you need a company that offers the correct level of product support? TileMaster has a number of technical support staff that are available to you when you’re on-site and need it the most. Last week Lee had 3 facetime video calls live on customer sites, to see a number of issues and help resolve them in real-time. Last year we were recognized for our support and use of new technology to interact with a customer and featured in the Innovation 100.

Our realtime support platforms for calls and video include – #Whatsapp, #Facetime, #Facebook, #Google #Hangouts and #Duo to name a few. If you have a smartphone, we can be with you on-site, to help when you need it the most.
The Video calls give our technician team and real insight to the job in hand and the environment.  Seeing the tiles and issues in real-time, we can advise on methods, products, and technicians to help remove the problems at hand.  We can also watch how the trade customer is working their machine to check the correct movement and action is been used.
A great example of this, is recently a trade customer was struggling to remove a seal from a wood floor.  Over facetime, we asked him to use the mini beast hand machine and work in any area.  Following this, we noticed that he was not putting the pressure on the hand machine in the correct place and as a result, he was not getting the correct down pressure.  Once the action changed, the machine did cut better but still not a quickly as we would have liked.  We then adapted the process and change the pad that he was using.  This change then produced the correct results and the customer was able to move forward for the job.
Video calls are super effectively to quickly problem solve and instantly suggest new techniques or solutions.  The type of support is so powerful for tradesmen on-site as it allows them to find a process and continue with the job.  Walking away from the job and making starnd calls or email and waiting for responses, is not only time consuming but very costly, as they are not earning.
We also featured in an online technology site for our support and work through social media and new technologies.

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