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TileMaster Stockton Polish Marble Kitchen Floor in Wynyard

Case Study

TileMaster Restore Polished Marble Floor

Location: Wynyard Cleveland

Contractor: TileMaster Stockton


TileMaster Pad A

TileMaster Cleaner Number 2

Conan Rotary Machine

TileMaster Cleaner Number 5

TileMaster 2 Part Stone Filler

TileMaster Hybrid Diamond Polishing Pads

All in One Polished impregnating Seal

Surface Treated:

Marble Polished Floor in Wynyard

Job History

This polished marble floor had been installed throughout the downstairs of this home, it had been down about 7 years, and over the years family life had taken its toll, the floor had become dull and dirty in high traffic areas. Scratched in places with grout lines that had become discoloured. Some tiles had cracked over time and required filling. Over all the floor lacked the consistent high shine that it had in the beginning (as you will see in the before video).

Client Requirements

The customer required the following from the contractor

1) To restore the floor to a high polished finish.

2) Removal dirt and stains and restore the grout to its original colour.

3) A water proofing sealer to prevent staining.

4) Protection from oil around the oven area.

5) Repair cracked tiles.

6) An impregnating seal that didn’t take away from the stones natural beauty..

TileMaster Specification

Conan Rotary Machine Tile Masters Pad A and Cleaner Number 2 are the perfect combination to deep clean the Marble floor. Tile Master Cleaner number 5 and

Grout Brushes dealt quickly with the dirt trapped in the grout lines and refreshed the grout to its original colour. Leaving the floor deep clean and ready for polishing.

TileMaster two part stone filler was the ideal choice to repair the cracks in the floor as it has the advantage of being polishable so a consistent finish could be achieved across the whole floor .

TileMaster Hybrid Diamond Polishing Pads in conjunction with the Conan Rotary Machine removed all the surface scratching, starting at a 400 Grit pad and finishing on 5000 delivering a beautiful, high quality shine across the floor in all rooms

Finally, TileMaster All in One Polished impregnating seal was applied to protect the floor from water and oil based staining, without reducing the shine and leaving the floor easy to maintain for the client. Check out our after video for the beautiful transformation.

Before & After Pictures


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