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How to clean my tiles and grout in my shower?

Over time your grout can become very discoloured and dirty, leaving your floors and walls looking very unsightly. Even if your grout was sealed during installation dirt and residue can still build up on the grout. Sealed grout will clean easier than unsealed grout.

One area where grout often becomes very unsightly is in bathrooms and especially around and in the shower area. One of the major problems is that shampoos, hair dyes and skin molecules, which exfoliate during washing in the shower, all stick to your grout and discolour it as per the picture below.

One problem when trying to clean your grout is not causing damage to any of the features around the shower area. Stainless steel taps, natural stone Borders, porcelain bath-ware and shower trays may all be damaged during cleaning if incorrect chemicals are used. To clean grout in your bathroom and shower area, The Tile Master have created Cleaner Number 1.  This is a unique blend of natural cleaning solutions which effectively removes all the dirt and residue build up, but is safe and gentle on all surfaces.  Being a PH Nautral Cleaner, it effectively cleans and removes body fats and scale build up. Once the process is complete the grout will be cleaned and at a like new state. As per the picture Below.

The process for cleaning this kind of surface is below:

Cleaning and Restoring your grout in your shower area

1. Dilute Cleaner No 1 – 1:4 with water in a measuring jug.

2. Apply solution to the surface with a hand sprayer with a fine mist to a small section at a time. (Tip: use an old sprayer from a finished kitchen sprayer or bathroom sprayer from the supermarket).

3. Allow the product to dwell for a few minutes to work and break down the body fats, shampoo and limescale.

4. Agitate to break the bond between the grout and the dirt with The Tile Master Grout Brush.  Whilst doing this we recommend you keep spraying the grout joints you are scrubbing.

5. Once the joint is clean, rinse away the dirt and the solution using the shower head, sponge or damp clean cloth

6. Allow the surface to dry and enjoy your clean, dirt free shower area.



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