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Pros Tip: The power of demo!!

Pros Tip: The power of demo!!! This week I’ve spoken to 5 trade customers who have all won large contracts because they were the only company that carried out a demo. The demo and survey stage is so important as not only does it give the customer an indication of the result you can achieve, but it also allows you to quote for the project correctly. If you don’t know your process from start the finish, how do you charge for the correct labour and materials on the job? Do a demo every time, and you will win more work, more often and in turn, make more money.

The Demo or test job is for your benefit as well as the customer.

Most people feel that the demo is just a quick clean to give the customer an idea of the finish that can be achieved. 100% this is correct but it also allows you to check that your chosen process is correct. time and time again we here story’s where the contractors have only quoted for a clean and seal, and when they start the job, it turns out there is an old patchy topical sealer present. This type of job is completely different from a cleaning quote and it’s now a stripping job, which is a much greater task and requires different products and time.

A stripping job requires a stripper like TM Stripper and longer dwell time to works than just a straight forward cleaner like Cleaner Number 3, that is just removing surface dirt.  You may also find they if the floor has had many years of applications and multiple coats of sealer applied it can take 2 or even 3 times to remove all the layer. This isn’t really a problem for the homeowner if they have agreed on a fixed price for the work. The problem or dilemma lies with the contractor as they need to now make the floor look great as per their estimate and proposal. The other issues that face the contractors is that was you carry out the initial clean, the sealer underneath becomes present but often it is patchy and looks unsightly. This is mainly due to wear and tear, and often the main traffic ways have little or no sealer present but the edges and under furniture still have the coating present and very thick. Again stripping the edges is a much greater job than a clean and masking up skirting boards and sensitive surfaces need to be much more precise as the stripper could remove the paint from hand painted areas.

All of the scenarios above can be avoided by simply doing a 15 min demo and checking whether the floor contains a surface seal. head over to our recent blog on how to determine when a floor has a surface seal or top coating or varnish present.

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