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TileMaster Filler Tints



TileMaster Colour Tints to add to Stone Repair Filler –

1 x Chosen Colour – £9.99

Please note Tube or Pot may be provided in chosen colour as per pictures


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TileMaster 40ml stone filler tints

Perfect for matching filler to you stone colour to get the perfect repair.  Works great to match filler to veins or fossils to make holes and cracks blend into the stone naturally.


  • The filler tint is a perfect way to colour match the resin filler to make a perfect colour for your stone repair
  • It’s highly concentrated for long life
  • Easy to mix and work with
  • Colours can be intermixed with the same filler

Surface and/or Material:

  • Granite,
  • Marble
  • porcelain
  • quartz
  • Limestone
  • Stone

Works with

  • Tile Master Resin Stone Filler
  • Most brands of stone filler (always pre-test)


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Tint Colour

, , , , ,

How To Use

Always wear gloves, Filler tint is very concentrated and only a small amount is required.  Please see video in Videos Tab.

Please note this can be difficult to get off skin and porous surfaces.


Mix a small amount into the stone filler until desired colour is achieved.  Use filler as per normal method or instructions on Tin.

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